About this website

So... The Band Broke Up.

Maybe you put out an album or two, and you think they're really great. But that was 12 years ago, man. Maybe you have 478 copies of the cd you released last year, before your keyboard player went to grad school in Kentucky. I suppose you might be able to sell them. Right?

Did you make the mistake of actually putting out... (gulp)... a cassette? For shame! Face it, unless you've transferred it to mp3, no one is never ever never going to listen to your album again.

Was your band so popular that you actually sold all your cds? Do you have an unreleased album that was never released due to inner-band squabbles or drug overdoses? Share the wealth, people! The kids of today may not have seen your band, but it's not too late to convince them of your worth! Let the legend grow! LEGEND!

Let us help you. What if you just gave your songs away to people who otherwise would probably never hear them? What if they were to fall in love with them?!

Like we said, let us help you. Send us your music and we'll put it up for people to who want to hear it. If you have physical copies of your album(s) and want to share the wealth, we'll put you in touch with potential collector scum. It's that simple. That's why we're here.


THE BIG IDEA: We're mainly looking for recordings of actual bands, with actual albums, recorded for actual release by people who actively promoted their music. We probably don't want your bedroom demos. If you're still an active band with an album or single that is woefully out of print, you can probably submit, but maybe you should contact us first and we'll talk about it.

$$$$$$$ - Dear bands: We're not making any money, and as a band, neither will you. Just sit back, relax, and let everyone tell you how great your band was. You guys were really, really great. See? Doesn't that feel good?

Genres: This is open to all genres of music. Hopefully it's good music, but that's not for us to say.

Physical copies of albums: If a band has  physical copies of their album(s), we'll put potential fans in touch with the bands about getting a copy or two. We're hoping the cds, vinyl and (gulp) cassettes will be provided for free or super-cheap, but we'll let you work it out amongst yourselves. Contact us for more details if you need them.

We don't want to be hassled: If we are at all hassled by any member of any band about any recording that is up on this site, we will remove it. We don't want to moderate or take part in squabbles between people who probably can't stand each other. We're not your mother. (Far as you know.)