Honey Stump : Tear Here

Honey Stump was formed by Jeff Iwanski and John Honeyboy Turner. Jeff was the primary songwriter and rhythm guitar amongst other instruments. Mitch Vande Stowe played lead guitar, mandolin, lap steel and sings on Walters Lament and Broken Bird.

Tear Here was Honey Stump's second album. Released 2005 on Lone Prairie Records.

Listen to "Walter'sLament":


  1. Stump Nation
  2. Walter's Lament
  3. Revolution Wine
  4. For Western Violence & Brief Sens
  5. Lay It Down
  6. Lovesong For Tuesday
  7. Interlude
  8. Broken Bird
  9. I Wonder If You Notice Me
  10. New Day
  11. Floyd Collins
  12. Fatso
  13. Never Met A Girl
  14. Taillights Draggin'
  15. Outro

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