Honey Stump : self-titled

Honey Stump was formed by Jeff Iwanski and John Honeyboy Turner. Jeff was the primary songwriter and rhythm guitar amongst other instruments.

John handled most of the vocals and harmonica. After their first EP, they enlisted the lead guitar work of Mitch Vande Stowe. This was an eclectic folk group or they liked to say performers of New American Music. They used everything in their recordings including; Guitar, banjo, harmonica, stump fiddle, jaw harp, lap steel, a saw, accordion and even a frying egg.

They released their self titled recording under the Lone Prairie Records label out of Lincoln NE in 2004. Honey Stump was active from 2004 to 2006 having recorded a demo EP, Self Titled CD, Live at the Lincoln Regional Center, Tear Here and an EP under the name Electric Stump.

Listen to "Franklin St.":


  1. The Flight of John Cicada
  2. Franklin St.
  3. Take An Angel
  4. Naked Saving Gracious Country Wine
  5. Evelyn
  6. You're My Tigris
  7. Roll
  8. The Man Who Listened Twice
  9. I'm A Vulture
  10. Where I'll Be
  11. Silver Capo (The Place Where Ever)
  12. Lonesome Saturday

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