Broadside: RELIC – compilation

Originally released on cassette. Song titles are not listed on the cassette or the artwork, so only the names of the bands are known and available at this time. Hit us up if you have any info!

  • Trout Mystery
  • Water Shed
  • People Who Play Stuff
  • The Return
  • Holiday in Baltimore
  • Playground
  • Elysium Crossing
  • The New Brass Guns
  • Out of Habit
  • 13 Nightmares
  • John Davis
  • Bible Theme Park
  • Geranium Diapers
  • Hemlock
  • Private Kangaroo
  • Hy Bergsohn & Friends
  • Boatdog

(Digitized from cassette in 2020 by Chris Johnson. Thanks, Chris!)


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