Wide – Hidden Agenda (+ bonus promo tape)

Hidden-AgendaWIDE = Jimmy + Smokey + Motherfucker One
Recorded in a basement at various moments in 1997-1998. Mr. Jared Alberico played the mesmerizing theremin on "Thanks for Nothing." Eric Medley performed computerization and optimization on the whole shebang.

Originally released on -ism records in 1998.

wide-tapeDownload includes 2 songs from a Hidden Agenda promo tape, with different mixes.

Hidden Agenda track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Plan B
  3. Self-medicate
  4. Thanks For Nothing
  5. Sexy Cola
  6. The New Church
  7. Mars Furnace
  8. Right Arm
  9. Food Chain
  10. Twice
  11. Prelude
  12. Techno-politics


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