Creeping Charlie – Sewell & Sheridan

Track 1 - A Walk Through My Autumn
Track 2 - Save Me
Track 3 - Powder Burn
Track 4 - Song #D
Track 5 - Elephant
Track 6 - Andromeda
Track 7 - Five Years

Erick Howard - Vocals & Guitar
Mike Young - Drums
Josh Bodfield - Bass
Dan Robinson - Casio
Kyle Thorfinnson - Guitar

Creeping Charlie was formed sometime in 2003 and ended in late spring/early summer 2004 with Erick Howard's departure to Chicago. We played at Knickerbockers often. Played poker and drank in the Russian Bottoms. The album was recorded by Nick Westra in his "laboratory" in northeast Lincoln on very grey and chilly days. I think we were one of the first bands Nick recorded. We had a few other songs that we only played live, but Sewell & Sheridan in all its imperfections captures the essence of what we wanted to accomplish together in the short time we were able to call each other bandmates, though I think we will always call each other that.

Listen to "Powder Burn":


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