Papers – The Lonely, the Determined, and the Fry Girl Stomp

AlbumArt_Large1. Turbidity
2. All In All
3. Katie's Song
4. Foreign Objects
5. Disco Romania
6. Elian
7. Ashton
8. Headlong & Hellbent
9. Tribulation Pt. 1
10. From The Water
11. Requiem For A Bitch
12. The Chorale

Listen to "Requiem For A Bitch" -

Everybody, ever:
N. L. Junebug Klosterboer (Saxophones, Guitar, Keyboards, Accordion, Bass, Programming, Vocals)
Tracy Nelson (Vocals, Percussion)
Steven B. Reckling (Guitar, Vocals)
Anders R. Peterson (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
Derek Hyatte (Cornet, Guitar, Vocals)
Brent Meier (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals)
Andy K. Butler (Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals)
Grace Carey (Piano, Keyboards, Vocals)
Keriann Pauls (Trumpet, Violin, Accordion, Keys, Vocals)
Beth Fry (Trumpet, Vocals)
t.j.roe (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
Andy Marker (Percussion, Drums)
Matt Holland (Trombone, Grunting)
Tricia Klitch (Vocals, Percussion)
Johnny Blankenship (Drums, Bass)
Harris Lehl (Clarinet, Keyboards)
Kate Bingaman (Flute, Obsessive Consumption)
BJ Hughes (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)

Special thanks to those who have helped with recordings or on stage:
Shaun Sparks of The Government (bass, programming, percussion)
Chris Sorenson of Shelter Belt (Baritone, Clarinet)
Brian Luginbill of Dirtfedd (Bass)
Dr. Werewolf (Bass)


Papers - The Lonely, the Determined, and the Fry Girl Stomp

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