Fullblown – Agents of Entropy

Dave Goldberg - Vocals, Organ
Mike Tulis - Bass
Eric Ernst - Drums
John Kestner - Guitar

Recorded by Jim Bogensberger at the Nevada Room
Mastered by Doug VanSloun at Studio B
Photos: Joe Hammeke
Mechanic: Frank Steiner

Listen to "Down With Slavery" -

SPEED! Nebraska Records - 1999

  1. Ghoul's The Rule
  2. Down With Slavery
  3. Doctor's Daughter
  4. Could Be Disaster
  5. Hail Damage
  6. Scene One
  7. Negative Nine
  8. Venganza Insaciable
  9. Death By Sodomy
  10. Soul Prison
  11. Nubian Lust
  12. The Perfect Setting


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