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Although I submitted this album to thebandbrokeup, I'm only merely a fan of it, never a member. The album is the debut, and only, recording by Sad Old Lady, originally called Sad Old Lady from the South. From what I've observed, the band started with Ben Clark on vocals and Brent Meier on keys/vocals. It later went on to include Tricia Klitsch on guitar/vocals, Dan Rempe on guitar, Amos Joseph on bass, and Jeff Gustafson on drums. One song on the album was written by Joseph, one song was by Meier, and the rest were written by D.J. Scharton, who did not actually play with the band. The album was recorded and mixed by Shaun Sparks, who apparently lost all the SOL files due to an unfortunate hard drive crash. The image for the album's cover is not actually the cover, but it serves to supply an idea of what Sad Old Lady was like live.

(This album and the text above was submitted by a fan, but as is our policy we did confirm with the band, in this case Ben Clark, before posting the recording. It's a doozy and we're happy to have it. You should be, too. - The Mgmt.)


Lead Me To The Dark Echo Of Your.mp3


Ben Clark on vocals
Brent Meier on keys/vocals
Tricia Klitsch on guitar/vocals
Dan Rempe on guitar
Amos Joseph on bass
Jeff Gustafson on drums

01 Poem To Get A Girl
02 Tongue Twitters
03 Play Doctor
04 Curse
05 Love Monster
06 Lead Me To The Dark Echo Of Your
07 Fingers, Tongues, And Thighs
08 Aqueduct
09 Dandelion Seeds
10 Poem To Get A Boy (Suicide Note)

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