The Heat Machine – No Coast Dance Party

Recorded in Plan C's (Matt Hovanec's) basement days at 18th and H streets in late 2008, the record was released on vinyl with free digital download on Asbestos Records in 2009.

The Heat Machine started out in 2006 and were called The Incredible Heat Machine until another band they didn't know of trademarked the name and sent Mitch Cady a cease and desist letter via a Nashville lawyer. The band broke up in 2010.


I just wanna have a good time

Track List

  • 10 Things I Hate About Your Boyfriend
  • Just Like 8th Street
  • Seven Minutes of Girls Gone Wild
  • I Just Wanna Have a Good Time
  • It Only Takes Time
  • Bottlerockets (fast)
  • Housebreaker
  • Bare Minimum
  • A Drug Against War
  • It's Your Steve Perry, You Can Do What You Want
  • Overdrive
  • See You In Hell
  • Bottlerockets (Country Version)
  • Brains (not on the original album, but what the hell?)

Band members

  • Meg Mahannah - lead and backing vocals
  • Christina Creager - lead and backing vocals and tambourine
  • Matt Hovanec - organ, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
  • Nick Tarlowski - guitar, backing vocals
  • John Feuerbach - bass
  • Alex Rock - trombone and whatever that thing was called that was like a trumpet with a trombone slide
  • Mitch Cady - drums
  • Fuzzy Blazek - pedal steel

The Heat Machine - No Coast Dance Party

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