Tom Ficke Group – Groove Lab

Produced by Tim Pratt and Mike Pardee @ Digital Studios/Lincoln Ne. 1995 * Ann Tenna, Jezabel

Tom Ficke: Lead Vocals
Terry Olson: Guitar,Lead Guitar,Vocals
Eric Aspengren: Bass,Vocals
Richard Eggar III: Drums,Vocals
Matt Silcock: Guitar on (Ann Tenna) and (Jezabel)

TFG won the 1994 Kiss-Off Battle of the Bands. They were featured in Billboard Mag. and recieved a free all day session at Wharehouse Studios Omaha Ne. (Ann Tenna, Jezabel) produced by Eric Medley, and Tom Whare.


Groove Lab

Track List

  1. Groove Lab
  2. Look Low
  3. Glow Pattern
  4. Forever
  5. Anne Tenna (Ficke-Silcock)
  6. Jezabel (Ficke-Aspengren)
  7. Blue Heron
  8. Game of Guns (Ficke-Moore)

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  1. Eric says:

    I'd forgotten how well-recorded this was.

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