Opium Taylor – Boy White City

All songs on this album written and performed by Matt Focht, Chris Heine, Pat Noecker, and Matt Silcock. Mike Mogis co-wrote and performed guitar parts for "Living." "September 25th" and "October 27th" recorded by four-track recorder on a nice day in Tabor, Iowa. "Living" recorded on an eight-track recorder on a cold day in North Platte, Nebraska. The other songs put together took more than one day at Whoopass Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. All of the Whoopass recordings were engineered by AJ Mogis and Mike Mogis for a very reasonable price. Released on Caulfield Records.

  1. Boy-White City
  2. Living
  3. Aquaman
  4. September 25th
  5. Autumn
  6. Toehead
  7. Me and You
  8. Plastic Hennepin
  9. Six-Hands Untied
  10. October 27th

Me and You


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