The Sissies – Songs from the Sack

Years Playing
1993 - 1998

  1. Not all right
  2. Plastic Fool
  3. Second Free Disease
  4. Inure Grace
  5. God Save my Eyes
  6. What it takes
  7. Burn me down
  8. Blank
  9. 2000 Drunks
  10. Hold you down
  11. Twelve hour peak

This band was full of promise and man they lived it.
I mean really lived... It. IT! (sobbing..)

Allan Weber - guitar
Brian Johnson - vocals, guitar
Brian McCue - bass
Randy Krause - drums
Chris Wilson – Violin, Vocals
Also with:
Jeff Perry - Drums
Releases: Songs From The Sack – 1995 -ism Recordings

Members came from: American Goy
Members went to: Floating Opera, The Don'ts, The Black Dahlias,
The Self-Righteous Bros.


You can still get this album on AMAZON. If you happen to really want a hard copy.


  1. Chris Wilson-Brown says:

    I surely miss my buddies and I hope they are living happy music filled lives. I can't remember why we split up, but I haven't been the same since. Those days were some of the happiest of my life and I truly love each of them with all my heart. If the gods would smile on us to reunite again, the hole in my heart would start to mend. I love you boys and please reach out to me soon! Be well and happy wherever you are. Always, your little Sissy.

  2. andy says:

    Amazing album! Sounds as awesome today as 15 yeats ago.

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