Polecat “The Complete Recordings”

1. Faucethead
2. Thumbwrestling
3. Satellite Chair
4. Mel
5. Vestigal
6. I Love the Way You Lie to Me
7. Donate
8. Oxygen Tent / Crack
9. My Halo
10. Fuel Injected
11. Wrecking Ball
12. 1979
13. Saddle Creek
14. Chinese Water Torture
15. Make Out Party
16. Peckerwood Can't Beatbox
17. We are Women, Hear Us Roar
18. Kung Fu Bride
19. Leather Mike
20. Kiss the Wheel
21. Bionic
22. Cathedral
23. Bless My Throat
24. Silver Fox
25. Q
26. Welcome Home
27. Chariot

Boz Hicks - Drums
Oli Blaha - Bass
Ted Stevens - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded and mixed by A.J. Mogis

Tracks 1-11 were originally released as "Dilly Dally" cassette on Lumberjack records.
Track 12 originally released on Apollo's Salvage CD compilation, Ghostmeat records.
Tracks 13 & 14 released on 7" by Double Zero / -ism recordings.
Track 15 originally released on split 7" with Sunbrain on Lumberjack / Ghostmeat records.
Track 16 released on Novely Yellow CD compilation.
Track 17 released on Linoma II CD compilation, -ism recordings
Tracks 18-27 come from the recording, Unreleased Second Polecat Album, for lack of a better title.

Thanks to Colby Starck for his archiving and Rob Walters for his photography.



  1. Tony LaMar says:

    this is so boss. thanks for doing this.

  2. Jonathan Boulay says:

    So awesome to be able to hear Dilly Dally from a clean source, and these unreleased album tracks!

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