Think – The Drift

Eric Aspengren, bass
Jay Bayles, drums
Matt Silcock, guitar

  1. Ascension
    The Pretty Part
  2. Aeons to Go
    Sunship People
  3. Interstate Blues
  4. Sand Planet Blues
    Blue Whale, Sea of Tranquility
  5. Fucked Up By The Sun
  6. A Profitable Get-Together
  7. Lucie
  8. Ballad of the Music Composition Major
  9. Work
  10. Les Flumers

1-4 recorded live to tape-deck at the Darkroom, Lincoln NE, July 30 1996
5-9 recorded to 4-track at the Wiz Factory, Hastings NE, April 22 1996
10 recorded to 4-track at the Wiz Factory, all instruments by Jay Bayles, date unknown

this release copyright 2000 by The Last Visible Dog


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