Loup River Band & Street Choir – Golden Testament

1. Ravens
2. American Dream
3. Electric Nights
4. Fathers Day
5. Ankle Biter
6. Napkin Song
7. Vernita
8. Pauline
9. Quiet Place
10. Better Times

Gene Hogan - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Iwanski - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Ken Morton - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Eric Wickizer - Drums, Vocals
Mitch Vandestowe - Lap Steel on Vernita
Sean Beste - Guitar, Vocals on Better Times
Darryl Rivers - Bass, Vocals on Better Times
Sarah Korf - Keys on Better Times

Recorded in Jeff's basement and Eric's attic, the second LRB album is a much more straightforward weirdo country album.


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