Loup River Band & Street Choir – An Evening at Lee’s

1. I Fell in Love
2. Palm Sunday
3. Loup River Waltz
4. Mr. Bojangles
5. Plenty of Heart
6. Rodeo
7. Let’s Grab It
8. Jennifer
9. Golden Gate
10. Skeleton
11. Golden Gate (Reprise)
12. Damon’s Rifle

Gene Hogan - Guitars, Vocals, Feedback, Noises
Jeff Iwanski - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica, Bass, Keys, Noises
Eric Wickizer - Drums, Vocals, Banjo, Uke, Noises
Mitch Vandestowe - Mandolin on Mr. Bojangles
Ken Morton - Vocals, Bass

Recorded in Jeff's basement on Tuesday evenings in 2005, this was LRB's first and most experimental album.


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