Middle Monkey – Kirk 185 In the Hole

  1. Nevermind Forever more
  2. Paid my debt
  3. Tunnel
  4. For you
  5. I Drink
  6. Fishhook
  7. Crown of gold
  8. Paper skin
  9. Object
  10. Lawn chair

I Drink

Randy Duerr - Vocals Acoustic Guitar
Alan Weber - Guitar
Eric Aspengren - Bass
Don Burbach (Chester Drawers) - Drums

This was our second tape. Oh the 90's were full of tapes. We recorded this live to 2 track and that was pretty satisfying. We recorded some of the songs from the first tape over because the lineup had changed and wanted to have recordings with Don playing. This was right before I moved to Minneapolis. Where MM died slowly. Alan never made it to the twin cities and the bass player that joined us never really got what we were doing. I think his name was Dave Buckley. Although things didn't work out for the band I want to extend thanks to Dave for his moving to Minneapolis. It was a big leap of faith. Only to have it not work out so for that I am sorry.


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  1. phat says:

    Engineered by Eric Medley live to 2 track at Studio Q.

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