Mother Pile

  1. Thank God
  2. Lady In The Lake
  3. Eydir
  4. Bible Eater
  5. Hugfuck
  6. Lose Some Weight
  7. Burn Like a Church

Kevin Waltemath - Guitar, Vocals
Lance Fielder - Drums, Vocals

Boom! It's a demo. Surprised? We Were.
All songs written and recorded by Mother Pile.
Tracks 1-3 recorded Winter 2008 in our basement.
Tracks 4-7 recorded Spring 2007 in our basement.


UPDATE to the below IMPORTANT: Never mind. They done.

IMPORTANT: Mother Pile is no longer defunct and probably never were. They were just on a little break. They've recently added another member and are currently playing shows on a fairly regular basis. They are definitely as awesome as ever. You can see what they're up to HERE. We're leaving this download up because it's great and unavailable elsewhere. Viva la Pile!

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