Middle Monkey – House of Wigs

Randy Duerr - vocals, guitar
Jeff Perry - drums
Alan Weber - guitar
Eric Aspengren - bass

01 fishhook
02 Lawn Chair
03 I Drink
04 Golden One
05 Paper Skin
06 Crown of Gold
07 Object
08 S and M

S and M

Recorded by Brett Holihan at Startracker Studio in Lincoln, NE. It was only available on a cassette, but wasn't everything? I mean getting an album pressed was a commitment. After blowing the wad on on the recording and cassettes who could afford it. I suppose a band that sold some albums that's who. Ok, so we were't uber-popluar but we did have our day in the sun. Can you say Big Red Rock o Rama? We were a band from say 1989 to Dec 1993.


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