Armatron – Mutation Programming

  1. Armatron Commin At Ya
  2. Phantom Shablamson
  3. Sonic Assault
  4. Finger In A Gear
  5. Numb Frequency
  6. Blood Synchropulse
  7. Phantom Limb
  8. Crotch Factory
  9. Tallest Mics In The World
  10. Mutation Programming
  11. Bad Wiring Leaves A Negative Connection
  12. Read Only Memory
  13. Don't Join

Matt Lux - Bass/Vox
Heath Preheim - Bass/Vox
Joel Lamson - Sonic Assault/Vox
Joel Gibson - Drums/Vox

Recorded in '99 or so by the Mogis Brothers, A.J. and Mike
Mixed by Mike Mogis

Photo used for this page taken by Bernie McGinn

Blood Synchropulse


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